It's All About The Magnet!


Often referred to as "magnetic chandelier jewelery" or "magnetic lamp shade jewelry," MagTrim magnetic crystals are the original crystal with a magnetic tip! Perfect for interior or event decorating, these crystals are beautiful and versatile!

  • Save Time

    Why waste time fiddling with hooks and wires? You can instantly attach Magtrims to any iron based metal surface!

  • Save Money

    Don't buy a new fixture! Use Magtrims to effortlessly rejuvenate an outdated lighting or home decor fixture.

  • Ultimate Versatility

    Does your fixture lack holes or hooks? No Problem! Magtrims MAGNETIC tip allows them to attach to any fixture featuring a metal surface such as chandeliers, lamp shades, and more.

  • You're the Designer

    Elegantly embellish your fixtures to match any holiday, season, or design theme.

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