It's All About The Magnet!


Often referred to as "magnetic chandelier jewelery" or "magnetic lamp shade jewelry," MagTrim magnetic crystals are the original crystal with a magnetic tip! Perfect for interior or event decorating, these crystals are beautiful and versatile!

  • Save Time

    Why waste time fiddling with hooks and wires? You can instantly attach Magtrims to any iron based metal surface!

  • Save Money

    Don't buy a new fixture! Use Magtrims to effortlessly rejuvenate an outdated lighting or home decor fixture.

  • Ultimate Versatility

    Does your fixture lack holes or hooks? No Problem! Magtrims MAGNETIC tip allows them to attach to any fixture featuring a metal surface such as chandeliers, lamp shades, and more.

  • You're the Designer

    Elegantly embellish your fixtures to match any holiday, season, or design theme.

From the Design Blog

  • Decorating with 36" Garland

    The Versatility of the 36 Inch Chain!

    The magnetized 36 inch chain gives me the opportunity to drape, swag, and dangle for dramatic effects.  It is probably the best "bang for your buck" item and comes in numerous colors.  My event planner friends love the chains due to the unlimited decorating and creative options. The chains comes in many colors and can also be purchased in 12 inch strands.  There are two magnets on each end of the chain which makes it easy to attach other magnetic crystals or chains.  Sometimes I like to decorate chandeliers using just the chains in many different colors.  Very festive!


    Has anyone ever thought of hanging the magnetic Light Charms from canned or recessed lighting? I have many areas in my home where this type of light fixture is used.  Frankly, recessed lighting is boring but they do give off alot of light.  I finally decided to get creative and dress up a few recessed lights by adding some Light Charm Garland - I attached some old crystals at the bottom for even more bling.  I love this little  touch of elegance.  What do you think?

  • Using My Christmas Deco Charms to Decorate My Metal Accessories

    I decided to use the Holiday Xmas Deco Charms to decorate the metal accessories around my house.  They are so adorable.  In case you haven't seen them, the Deco Charms are small miniature glass decorations with attached beads and magnets. I went wild and had loads of fun jazzing up various metal items including my metal candle holder, the bottom of a lamp shade and a nice cupcake stand.  My church group was here last night for a Christmas buffet.  The Deco charms were an instant hit.  I hope to be decorating with the Valentine's Day Deco Charms in a few weeks.


  • A Little Christmas Cheer for the Chandelier

    Dinner guests are coming tonight  Decided to add some red tear drops to my existing chandelier for the holidays. The red color looks great with the sparkling crystals, except I think I should have added more tear drops.  


  • Fall Is Here! Warm Up The Chandelier To Reflect The Season!


    I absolutely love the fall!  It's beautiful just about everywhere.  The gateway season to the coming holidays.  That being said, it was time to transform my chandelier into a fall masterpiece.  I used Light Charms 36 inch clear faceted octagon garlands and the amber 12 inch faceted bead garland. Clear faceted 2 1/2" almonds and fabulous magnetic auburn grape bunches give the chandelier a really warm flair. It only took me 7 minutes to complete the look!

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